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Dear Customer,

INTECH GROUP would like to send our best wishes to health, prosperity and hope to cooperate with customers.

INTECH Group was established in 2012, after 7 years of establishment and development, now INTECH has a total of 80 engineers, masters and managers, headquarter and showroom in Hanoi, House Production machine in Bac Ninh and Ho Chi Minh City branch. Ho Chi Minh City and its subsidiary companies in specialized fields related to factory solutions, electrical engineering, automation, import and export.

As a unit with many strengths in the professional technical staff and distribution representatives of reputable manufacturers, modern equipment factory, INTECH can advise customers the solution. The best time to provide and the best after sales service and at reasonable cost.

With the dedication of INTECH staff, we always look forward to receiving the support and trust cooperation of our customers, partners in all business fields.

Sincerely thank you!


Determining the goal of becoming a pioneer in Leading technology solutions, IntechGroup has been striving to become a big company not only successful in the S-shaped country, but also Widely developed overseas markets.

Through a period of construction and development from 2012 to now, Intech Group has become a prestigious unit in many business fields.

– Provide comprehensive solutions for building and finishing factory, direct design, direct construction in the form of turnkey.

– Success of many clean rooms for electronic component factories, partners of LG, DELL, SAMSUNG, GMP clean rooms, hospital clean rooms … at the highest level.

– Designing and installing electrical systems, air conditioning, fire protection for projects.

– Distributor level I for the US air conditioning brand TRANE USA (No. 1 in industrial air conditioning in Vietnam).

Along with the trend of integration and development, the management team has built up a solid staff, experienced experience and build trust for customers through the products manufactured by INTECH and provided.

In 2018, INTECH GROUP has become a leading IT & INVESTMENT CORPORATION with the core of “DISTRIBUTOR” which belongs to “TOP INSIDE VIETNAM”, has superior products and customer service, network International, effective and branded by customers are proud to use.

Leading in advancing the advancement of “mobility” and improving “factory quality” for every project in the country and worldwide.

Becoming one of the leading companies in major industries: equipment, clean room construction, air conditioning Trane, creating sustainable development. Focus on developing multi-disciplinary, multidisciplinary.

Construction of large-scale projects with modern technology, progress, quality standards and aesthetic. To provide material and spiritual treatment for employees, create new value for shareholders and share some social responsibility with the community.


Comparing with other major partners has created an INTECH with strong financial resources, this is the “solid wall” to create the sustainable development of the company.

* Human resources

Over the past 6 years of development, human resources of INTECH has always been the core of the company to have a firm foothold in the market. With the strict recruitment and selection rules, INTECH staffs are always experienced, professional and skilled bachelors and graduates to meet all the requirements of the job. .

*Product quality

With the motto “Quality is the decisive factor to make the brand”, therefore, each product created and to the owner of the contractor, INTECH always check the safety features and quality products. standard after completion at his factory.






INTECH Investment and Technology Joint Stock Company (INTECH.,JSC) is one of the very few units that can well undertake the two tasks of manufacturing clean room equipment (AHU, Airshower, Passbox, BFU, …) and construction and installation of clean rooms

INTECH Investment and Technology Joint Stock Company (INTECH.,JSC) is one of the very few units that can well undertake the two tasks of manufacturing clean room equipment (AHU, Airshower, Passbox, BFU, …) and construction and installation of clean rooms

With the above strengths, INTECH has enough premise to provide customers with proactive services on schedule, Competitive price and fast warranty.

INTECH has been and always strives to be a steadfast companion with customers, INTECH.,JSC always upholds its responsibility and sets the criteria “Safety – Quality – Progress – Competitive Price” to maintaining trust in customers, taking the motto “do right from the beginning” as a guideline for the process of internationalizing the business.

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