INTECH Group hosted the International Cleanroom Technology Forum 2023

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INTECH Group hosted the Clean Technology Forum 2023 with the theme “Clean Air Quality and Cleanroom Validation According to NEBB Standards (USA).”

The theme included insights from international experts in the cleanroom field, who have extensive experience with international projects:

  • Mr. Florian Forst – Asia and Middle East Sales Manager, robatherm
  • Mr. Nguyễn Quốc Hưng – Vietnam Sales Manager, robatherm
  • Mr. Nguyễn Minh Hải – Managing Director of Cleanroom Divisions, INTECH Group
  • Mr. Nguyễn Văn Tính – Director of INTECH Operation and Maintenance Services, INTECH Group
  • Mr. Rajendran Garnesh Kumar – NEBB Certified Specialist (USA), TechnicAir Singapore Services

The topics covered in the Clean Technology Forum were deemed practical and necessary, contributing to raising awareness about air handling and achieving an international standard cleanroom environment. The program was well-received, attracting the interest and participation of over 200 representatives from investor businesses, design consulting units, and solution providers in the cleanroom field.

As the organizer of the International Clean Technology Forum for two consecutive years and with continuous activities promoting the industry, INTECH Group believes that efforts to enhance knowledge in Vietnam’s cleanroom field will help industries applying cleanroom technology such as electronics, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, food, and healthcare in Vietnam to develop further and gain competitive advantages in the international market.

Now, let’s give a throwback and look at some of the key moments of the seminar last October 2023!

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