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Building plants, factories, and industrial parks

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To welcome the new wave of FDI investment, industrial parks in Vietnam are developing strongly, the scale of projects is constantly expanding. Simultaneously, it is promoting the construction of plants and factories to promptly meet the production needs of enterprises.
The construction of plants and factories requires many criteria and standards, and a clear process is required. Each type of factory in the field has different criteria, which makes many business owners consider, not knowing where to start.
INTECH Investment and Technology Joint Stock Company is a unit of consultancy, design and construction of plants, factories and warehouses for many prestigious fields across the country, domestic and foreign partners. We always actively innovate and strive to catch up with the development trend of the country, with the desire to bring the best service and product quality to customers.




Consultancy on construction permits

INTECH Provide consulting services for construction permits for businesses that do not have construction permits. With a team of legal consultants who understand the law, they will help the procedures quickly and at the most optimal cost.


Consultancy on Factory design and construction

Prepare a standard design made by experienced experts and engineers and according to the requirements of the investor. Offer the most modern and suitable design options for investors.



Depending on each project and customer requirements, the construction process will have different stages. Mainly construction steps include: foundation, production of steel structure, erection of pre-engineered buildings, corrugated iron, installation of equipment, production lines, air-conditioning and ventilation systems, clean rooms (some required field)…


After nearly 10 years of operation in the field of design and construction of factories, INTECH has become a reliable partner of many customers across the country in terms of:

  • Electronic assembly plant
  • Electronic component factory…
  • Pharmaceutical Factory
  • Health Food Factory
  • Cosmetics Factory
  • Veterinary Medicine Factory…
  • Milk factory
  • Meat processing factory, canned food
  • Seafood processing plants
  • Cashew nut processing factory
  • Factory producing confectionery, beverage…
  • Construction of storage warehouse
  • Installation of cold storage
  • Paint factory
  • Inkjet printing, drying printing factory
  • Packaging factoryNhà máy sản xuất bao bì

INTECH has established a professional ecosystem that brings value to customers with the motto of being an assistant, a companion to customers. INTECH has so far completed 8 main areas:

intech va cac hang muc trien khai

With the motto “Quality is customer satisfaction, prestige and value for customers”, we always strive to offer the most optimal solution for businesses.

INTECH Group has constructed and built for factories and received the trust and satisfaction from foreign contractors and investors from Japan, Korea, Vietnam….

  • ASIA factory
  • SDT Factory
  • GSP Factory
  • DLG Ansen Electronics Co., Ltd
  • Dawon Factory.

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intech xay dung nha may intech san xuat thiet bi phong sach vaf ahu

INTECH Group builds and completes a factory for manufacturing electronic components
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