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 Electronics clean room

An electronic clean room is a clean room used in factories that manufacture, manufacture or assemble electronic equipment, especially in the manufacture of components and microchips. These are areas that require high accuracy in specifications, so it is necessary to minimize external agents such as dust, humidity, etc. to not affect product quality.

Not all electronics factories need to install clean rooms because the investment costs will be huge. Only areas with high standards of cleanliness, such as production and assembly areas, research and laboratory areas, etc. need an electronic clean room.

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Some fields of electronic production and assembly need clean rooms

  • Clean room for manufacturing electronic components
  • IC clean room, IC, IC base
  • Clean room for TV, phone, and car motherboards
  • Clean room produces screens, panels, panels, ..
  • Clean room for manufacturing electronic boards (microchips, circuit boards, PCBs)
  • Sensor production clean room
  • Optical lens manufacturing clean room.
  • Semiconductor clean room, electronic chips
  • Clean room for TV production and assembly
  • Clean room for phone production and assembly
  • Clean room for manufacturing and assembling computers and laptops
  • Clean room for camera production and assembly.
  • Clean room for chip production (semiconductor chips, electronic chips, microprocessors)
  • Clean room produces phone laminated glass (tempered glass).


Currently, in the Vietnamese market, clean rooms in the electronic field are usually applied to the following standards:

Clean room construction and electronic assembly

Clean room construction and manufacturing of electronic components


* Some standard parameters for reference in electronic cleanrooms: 

  • Temperature standards: The average temperature is from 20 to 26 degrees Celsius. This is a safe temperature for electronic devices and components, helping some batteries to work stably and solder joints or connections, not melted.
  • Humidity standards: The average humidity is from 18 to 55%, it is necessary to keep the humidity at an appropriate level depending on the complexity of the electronic components.
  • Dust and microbiological standards: The level of dust and microorganisms in electronic clean rooms is always controlled according to ISO – 14644 and FS 209 standards.
  • Standard of pressure: Pressure from 15 to 45 PA.

 Notes when building an electronic clean room

The design and construction of electronic clean rooms must be done in a thorough, careful and professional manner from the very beginning so as not to affect product quality.

* Some notes when designing and constructing electronic clean rooms:

  • Comply with design standards for clean rooms.
  • Comply with general regulations for electronics factories in Vietnam.
  • Requirements for installation of production lines.
  • Requirements on the location of electronic clean room construction.
  • Requirements on design solutions: Regarding the structure, about the organization of space, about the size of the space.
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INTECH – A unit specializing in consulting, designing and constructing electronic clean rooms

 With many years of experience, INTECH Group can carry out consulting and construction of clean rooms from the highest standards such as Class 1, Class 10, Class 100 not all units can do, to common standards usually like Class 1000, Class 10,000, Class 100,000 in optimal time. The construction time of the electronic clean room will depend on the size of the clean room, usually done in a short time because this is the completion stage of the work. With each customer request, INTECH gives optimal advice on design, cost and completion time for the project. Following is the process of implementing electronic clean room at INTECH:


With many years of experience in the clean room field, INTECH has implemented many electronic clean room projects from North to South with many required standards. INTECH is very honored to be chosen by many domestic and foreign partners such as Japan, Korea, China, Europe, America, etc. to carry out large projects. Here are some of the projects INTECH has implemented:

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Địa điểm: Expanded Tan Kim Industrial Zone


Địa điểm: Thai Nguyen City


Địa điểm: Le Chan District


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