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Clean room is one of the essential requirements for factories, production workshops,….,for example, electronics factories, pharmaceutical, food processing factories, …., in order to ensure standard production processes and produce the best quality products. The construction of clean rooms is an important step in the process of building factories, hospitals, …..

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How is the clean room installed?

Clean rooms are installed for the whole factory, or just a small room limited to the production line area, depending on the size of the production factory. A factory may have one or several clean rooms: one room for the production area, one room for the laboratory area, one room for the R&D area, …..
For hospitals, clean rooms are often used for operating rooms, sample storage rooms, emergency recovery rooms, ….
Depending on the field, there are different standards and there are different environmental criteria in the clean room
Clean room standards in Vietnam are applied at the following standards:
  • TCVN: 14644 – ISO: ISO 1 – ISO 8 with decreasing cleanliness level
    Federal Standard 209: Class1. class 10. class 100. class 1000. class 10,000. class 100,000 with decreasing cleanliness level
  • GMP: A, B, C, D with decreasing cleanliness level applied to clean room in pharmaceutical, drug,
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* Some reference parameters in clean room

– Temperature standard: From 22 degrees Celsius (difference of approximately 3 degrees Celsius), this is a safe temperature for most equipment, products, people
– Humidity standard: Average humidity from 50% (difference of approximately 10%) for human safety, however areas with less human presence can be as low as 18%.
– Dust standard: According to the photo above according to the standards
– Standard Pressure: The pressure is from 15 to 45 PA, most cleanrooms are under positive pressure, that is, the pressure is higher than outside to limit contamination from outside.
Clean room standards need to be strictly guaranteed, meet standards so that production processes do not affect product quality and factory operation. Therefore, it is necessary to have an experienced and highly specialized unit to consult, design and construct clean rooms.
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With many years of experience, INTECH can carry out consulting and construction of clean rooms from standards in many fields such as:

Basic steps to build a clean room

  Clean room construction time depends on the size of the clean room, usually done in a short time because this is the completion stage of the work. With each customer request, INTECH gives optimal advice on design, cost and completion time for the project. The following is the process of implementing clean room construction at INTECH:


With many years of experience in the clean room field, INTECH has implemented many clean room projects in many fields such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, food, hospitals…. from North to South with many required standards. INTECH is very honored to be selected by many domestic and foreign partners such as Japan, Korea, China, Europe, America, etc. to carry out major projects. Here are some of the projects INTECH has implemented: