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These days, when the requirements and standards of clean production practices are increasingly enhanced, the use of clean rooms for production in many fields has become a mandatory requirement and has become especially popular. Especially in the Food, Pharmaceutical, Medical, electronic components, operating rooms, hospitals…
However, after a period of use, the clean room shows signs of deterioration and errors occur, so it is extremely important to check the clean room regularly. Normally, when you want to check the time it takes to maintain, renovate and upgrade a clean room, you need to monitor the display indicators of the clean room, specifically indicators such as: Filter pressure exceeds the allowed level, pressure difference, temperature, dust content.
Other services: Factory maintenance service; HVAC Maintenance Service
If the clean room is not maintained, renovated and upgraded regularly, it will lead to the clean room being polluted and damaged to the equipment in the clean room. Therefore, factories need to be inspected, maintained, renovated and upgraded to avoid costly rebuilding. Or simply a contaminated clean room will directly affect the production process as well as research and factory performance.

INTECH Service was born to develop a nationwide cleanroom repair and upgrade service system to meet the needs of customers.

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With nearly 10 years of experience in the field of clean room construction, M&E M&E construction, aiming at air conditioning equipment, AHU, HVAC stable operation, energy saving, minimizing repair costs, increase the life of the equipment, especially to ensure the cleanliness of the cleanroom systems.
INTECH provides intensive plant maintenance services including:
– Move clean room
– Upgrade clean room cleanliness
– Renovating and building infrastructure of factories and clean rooms
– Moving, renovating factory infrastructure, clean room
– Consulting, designing, upgrading, planning the layout of clean room infrastructure.

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>>>Benefits of using INTECH Serice’s clean room renovation service

– Save time: When the factory has a problem, INTECH’s team of engineers and workers will quickly contact customers, survey the items that need to be repaired, construction quickly, respond quickly and correctly. progress when needed urgently. With the advantages of available tools and components, we are ready to respond to requests, repair, replace and support in the fastest way.
– Cost saving: Always putting customer’s interests first, INTECH is ready to offer the most optimal and economical, most reasonable and competitive cost, bringing trust and satisfaction to customers. for customers.
– High reliability: With a technical team with extensive experience in plant maintenance services, successful on many large and small projects across the country, in coordination with modern machinery and equipment. , factory standard components, available, INTECH is committed to providing customers with the fastest and most professional factory maintenance service.
– 24/7 support: INTECH supports customers with all hours of the day, quickly responding to customers when the factory has problems.

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INTECH is committed to supporting, bringing:
– Equipment is warranted for a long time, do not worry about incurring equipment repair costs
– Periodically inspected and equivalent equipment lent
– Ensuring the quality of maintenance and repair of replacement materials
– Get technical advice and support related to equipment and systems.
In order to receive the trust and confidence of customers and INTECH Sevice as today, we have constantly tried and succeeded, which has been recognized through clean room renovation service projects such as:
+ Renovating the garage for Dawon Vina factory
+ Upgrade class 10000 to 1000 for Techon factory
+ Install electrical system for Asia factory
+ Renovating the electrical system for Asia factory and many other projects
Contact INTECH immediately for a free consultation, professional service and factory maintenance service with many extended maintenance service packages, the most preferential for customers.


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